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Yukari Nanahoshi
Yukari Nanahoshi.png
Character Information
Gender Female
Kanji 七星ナナホシ ユカリ
Romaji Nanahoshi Yukari
Age 16
Birthday March 3
Height/Weight 155cm / 48kg
Origin World Septpia
Classification Human, Logicalist
Partner Quetzalcoatl
Voiced by Aimi Terakawa

Yukari Nanahoshi (七星ナナホシ ユカリ Nanahoshi Yukari) is a character of the Luck & Logic anime. At the start of the series, she is drafted into ALCA and becomes a new Logicalist, trying hard to get the hang of her new life. She eventually becomes the partner of Quetzalcoatl, a Foreigner who initially appears as an enemy of ALCA.



She was the manager of the women's high school soccer team, but was forcibly called to become a rookie Logicalist. She assumes the role of a supporting member and a caring person, but often does clumsy things.

Appeareance and Clothes[]

Yukari has slender figure, fair skin, reddish brown eyes, and light brown long tied hair with two pieces green four-leaf clover hairpin.

she wear ALCA default uniform but without the gloves and black jacket with green lining. her tracksuit similar like Artemis, but with different look. She wears white hooded jacket and low pants with cyan lining. Purple T-shirt with pictured in front. And white and Yellow sneakers.

her casual clothing is light blue dress with yellow bag and white shoes.

Personality and Traits[]

Yukari is a cheerful, kind, and hard-working girl who loves to cook. Even though Yukari did not initially desire to be a Logicalist, she took to her new life with great enthusiasm, studying and asking questions about her new surroundings. She is very perceptive, and sees the good in everyone.

While Tranced with Quetzalcoatl, Yukari is capable of flight. She also can attack her enemy with the venom by touching them.


  • The name Yukari means "affinity, relation, connection, edge, border, verge, brink, fate" (縁).
  • Yukari's surname Nanahoshi means "seven" (七) (nana) and "star" (星) (hoshi).


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