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Character Information
Gender Male
Kanji 八雷神ヤクサ
Romaji Yakusa
Origin World Disfia
Classification Foreigner
Partner Giselle Thunders
First Anime Appearance Episode 12
First Manga Appearance Chapter 1

Yakusa (八雷神ヤクサ Yakusa) is a character of the Luck & Logic Paradox Twin manga. He is the foreigner partner of Giselle Thunders.


Chapter 1[]

Yakusa accompanies Sena Yurine to one of Giselle's concerts. When a Foreigner attacks the concert, Yakusa forms a covenant with Giselle and Trances with her, and Giselle and Sena defeat the Foreigner. Giselle is conscripted into ALCA soon afterwards.


  • The name Yakusa means "eight" (八) (ya), "snow" (雷) (ka) and "god" (神) (sa).
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