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A world (ワールド wārudo) is a self-contained area of existence where characters may originate from. The story and universe of Luck & Logic concerns itself with multiple worlds and their interactions with one another.


Unlike the real-life Earth, worlds tend to be mostly uniform in culture, easily summarized by one sentence. For example, Monolium is a supernatural world with little technology and many wild beasts, while Disfia is an oriental-style world where the cycle of reincarnation is held in importance.

Beings may travel from one of the parallel worlds to Septpia, the world of humans, where no supernatural beings naturally occur. These beings are known as foreigners. Once there, they must adapt their body to conform to the "logic" of Septpia. Foreigners may combine with certain humans from Septpia, known as logicalists, in a process known as Trance.

Conversely, it is not possible for humans to travel to other worlds, as they have no means of adapting their body to the logic of other worlds.


All cards in the Luck & Logic TCG have an associated world. Different worlds have different playstyles and characteristics, which influences the playstyle and abilities of cards belonging to that world.

When mobilizing a tranceunion member from the hand without using Trance, there must be a card of the same color or world as the member to be mobilized. Otherwise, worlds have no other specific impact on gameplay, although cards can specify certain worlds for abilities.

During deck construction, there is no restriction on the worlds of the cards in your deck. You may run a deck that consists of cards entirely of one world for increased synergy, or you can mix cards of different worlds for increased versatility.

World List[]

The currently known worlds are:

Gameplay of the Luck & Logic TCG
Colors Yellow.png YellowRed.png RedGreen.png GreenBlue.png BlueColorless
Worlds Monolium.png MonoliumDisfia.png DisfiaTritomy.jpg TritomyTetra-Heaven.png Tetra-HeavenSeptpia.png SeptpiaLuck&Logic Club.png Luck&Logic Club
Card Types Member (LogicalistForeignerTranceunionSuper logicalist)
TacticsGateParadoxMy Logicalist
Phases Stand phaseDraw phaseLevel phaseMain phaseBattle phaseEnd phase
Zones Deck (Deck construction) ● HandField (Circle) ● Level zoneStock zoneBattle zoneIntercept zone
Paradox zoneDrop zoneMy Logicalist zonePurge zoneRemove zoneSecret tool zone
Game Actions AttackCostDestroyDrawDiscardLogicLuck DriveMobilizePurge
SetStand.png Stand / Rest.png RestRefreshStock boostStock open/closeTrance
Terms and Keywords Ability (Logic Drive) ● Blink MoveCovenantExplosionEX SoulMake
Transmute (Secret Tool Skill) ● Trance ChangeT-rankVanguard
Miscellaneous Card Restriction