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We're Luck&Logic Club! (私たち、らくろじ部!Watashitachi, Rakuroji-bu!) is a short animation in the Luck & Logic franchise. It does not share the same universe with the other media in the Luck & Logic franchise.

We're Luck&Logic Club! is a comedic short animation in a simple high school setting, where the Luck & Logic TCG is enjoyed by high school girls. It was aired during the one minute before every episode of the Luck & Logic anime, and will be continued along with new anime series. All episodes can be found on Youtube and Blu-Ray.


We're Luck&Logic Club! is centered around three high school girls who enjoy the Luck & Logic TCG at their school club. The shorts are primarily comedic in nature.


  • Ado Sukinanoka: A naïve newcomer to the Luck&Logic club.
  • Ronri Fukai: A mature, kind, and sometimes blunt Luck&Logic club member.
  • Unne Sonosaki: A calm and cool-headed Luck&Logic club member, much more skilled at the game than Ado and Ronri.
  • Endo-san: The club advisor, who also works at a card shop that the club members frequently visit, more skilled at the game than even Unne. She likes cooking, but is poor at it.


No Sypnosis Youtube Link Blu-Ray
1. Ado joining Luck&Logic card club and introducing herself to her senior, Ronri and Unne. here Vol. 1
2. All members club brought their lunches during their break time. Ado feel ashamed because Ronri and Unne lunches are beautiful than hers. here Vol.1
3. Ado, Ronri, and Unne visiting card shop which their club advisor. Endo-san working there. Endo later playing with Ronri and Unne. In the end, Endo win the game. here Vol. 2
4. Ronri help Ado defeat Unne. However, in the end. Unne beats them. Ronri told Unne that she should beats Ado agressively since she is beginner, Ado later inspired by them. here Vol. 2
5. Unne prepare beating Ronri, however Ronri beats her. Later, the girls having tea time. While Ado impressed Ronri victory, she asking them if they completely tired after playing. They told them playing Luck & Logic feels like breathing. But Ado doesn't understand. here Vol. 3
6. While the girls buys a booster pack in card shop. Ronri and Unne got stronger unit. However, Ado got weaker unit. But she is happy, because is cute. here Vol. 3
7. When the clubs discuss about deck construction. Ronri and Unne teach Ado about building decks with cards she likes. But end up failure, since Ado thinks all the cards is cute. In the end, Ado is unable to choose a favorite card, but the other girls think her indecisiveness is fine because it's very Ado-like. here
8, Ronri and Unne are cardfight training hardly. Ado asks Endo-san what their doing. She told her about upcoming Luck & Logic festivals. Later. Endo-san explains that her shop hosts the event four times a year in order to spread the popularity of the game. Because the festival is a team event, Ado decides to participate with her friends. Ronri later asks Endo-san about something "usual", it turns out. She decides making a "Paradox Juice", Much the annoyanced clubs. here
9. Ado travelling a desert on a journey to construct a deck for the upcoming Luck and Logic festival. She finds an oasis of cards in the desert, and Ronri and Unne appear by her side to offer her wisdom. Suddenly. their club advisor. Endo-san. Who offers Ado a card depicting Olga Breakchild. Which she claims will be useful in the future. here
10. Ado loses to Unne again in 73rd times. Ronri later comfort her and telling eat some snacks. They calling a sushi chef with his fish that was captured 15 years ago. Ronri tries to use tuna and wasabi as a combined Trance in a game against Unne, and Unne chides her for not playing properly. Ado asking them about Endo-san homemade juice, shocking them. Ado later learn from them that Endo-san actually terrible at cook. Causing the chef and his fish run away. Ado naively asks if the tuna is attacking a gate in the card game as it smashes through the door. here
11. In Luck & Logic festival at the cardshop, Unne, Ronri, and Ado pass to the all round. Endo-san, who dress up as Mana Tranceunion form. Congralute them. All the player watch them in finals. Endo-san beat all of them. Except Ado, who is th only one. Finally Ado beat Endo-san. Later, Endo-san crowning them as winner and the prize is: Her homemade juice. Ado decided drink them, but Ronri and Unne try stop her. However, it was to late. Ado drink them and it simply say "not delicisious" here
12. A few month's after Luck & Logic festival. Everyone continue their daily lives in club. Ado gameplay skill finally improved. She prepared beating Unne. Unfortunaly, Unne easily beat Ado again. Ado crying and Unne told her that she is easy opponent. This is causing Ronri scolded her. Endo-san remember how she Ado the first time. Later two student want joining the Luck&Logic club. And they are welcoming them. here


  • Draft of Series Composition: Yuya Takahashi (QueenB)
  • Directed by: Takashi Naoya
  • Original Character Design, Concept Design: Mari Shimazaki
  • Character Design: Katsuhiro Kumagai
  • Chief Animation Director: Katsuhiro Kumagai
  • Art Director: Hirotsugu Kakoi (Totonyan)
  • Color Design: Kei Ishiguro
  • Photography Director: Takafumi Kuwano
  • Editing: Aya Hida
  • Music: Tatsuya Kato
  • Music Production: Lantis
  • Sound Director: Hozumi Gouda
  • Animation Production: Doga Kobo
  • Production: Project Luck & Logic


  • Ado Sukinanoka: Yuka Ozaki
  • Ronri Fukai: Eriko Matsui
  • Unne Ensaku: Rimi Nishimoto
  • Endo-san: Marie Miyake

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