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Character Information
Gender Female
Kanji ヴィーナス
Romaji Vīnasu
Birthday September 19
Height/Weight 165cm / 54kg
Origin World Tetra-Heaven
Classification Goddess, Foreigner
Partner Tamaki Yurine
First Anime Appearance Episode 1
Voiced by Nao Touyama
Venus (ヴィーナス Vuīnasu) is a character of the Luck & Logic anime. She is the Foreigner partner of Tamaki Yurine.



A goddess who came from Tetra-Heaven together with Athena. Embraces all love in everything, and is characterized by falling in love immediately. At every opportunity, she speaks words of love to men and women alike.

Appearance and Clothes[]

Venus has light tan skin, pink eyes, and pink hair and yellow streaks tied in two heart-shaped hair buns.

While in ALCA, she wears the standard foreigner uniform. During training and downtime, she wears a white hooded jacket, a skirt with cyan lining, a yellow tank top and a pink bow, light pink thigh-high socks, and pink sneakers. Her casual clothes consists of a pink corset, yellow skirt, black sandals, and a black choker.

Personality and Traits[]

Venus is a cheerful and outgoing woman, balancing out Tamaki's serious personality. She is flirtatious and expresses affection easily. Due to her passionate personality, she is prone to minor fits of jealousy and occasionally speaks before thinking.

As the Tetra-Heaven goddess of love, Venus greatly values the concept of love, and all of her actions, from protecting Septpia to showing her affection for others, stem from this ideal. However, she is level-headed enough to recognize when love is potentially destructive, as she advised Tamaki to kill a foreigner that threatened to harm others despite Tamaki's deep love for all life.


Episode 1: Hero or Mob[]

Venus is first seen when Tamaki uses her powers to heal Mana while fighting a Foreigner.

She remains in Trance with Tamaki, while Tamaki fights the monster at the mall and in the town. Venus also appears again when the monster is defeated and everyone releases their Trances. The ALCA members begin to ask Athena about Yoshichika, with Venus getting excited over the mysterious young man.


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