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Character Information
Gender Female
Kanji ヴァルキリー
Romaji Varukirī
Birthday August 8
Height/Weight 159cm / 50kg
Origin World Tetra-Heaven
Classification Goddess, Foreigner
Partner Chloe Maxwell
First Anime Appearance Episode 1
Voiced by Chiaki Omigawa

Valkyrie (ヴァルキリー Varukirī) is a character of the Luck & Logic anime. She is the Foreigner partner of Chloe Maxwell.



A goddess of Tetra-Heaven, and the less talkative one between her and Chloe, her personality is the kind that doesn't understand jokes. Although she acknowledges Chloe's bravery in battle, she feels grief that she's at her mercy every day.


Episode 1: Hero or Mob[]

Valkyrie is heard while Tamaki, Mana, and Chloe are fighting off a dog-like monster. Chloe leaps from a building performs a Logic Drive with Valkyrie, and finishes the monster off.

Later, while fighting another monster, after Yoshichika jumps in to block the monster's heavy fire and knocks it down, Chloe performs another Logic Drive with Valkyrie, finishing this monster off as well. Valkyrie appears when everyone releases their Trances and expresses mild surprise that Athena chose a male to contract with.


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