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Transmute (錬成 Rensei) is a keyword found on cards associated with Yuko. The transmute mechanic is associated with the secret tool deck (秘具デッキ Higu Dekki) and cards with secret tool skill (秘具スキル Higu Sukiru) abilities.

Along with their regular deck, players may have a secret tool deck of up to 4 cards with secret tool skills, including up to four copies of the same card. Cards in the secret tool deck do not count towards the four-copy maximum of cards in the main deck. Players may prepare a secret tool deck regardless if they have any cards capable of transmuting in their deck.

When in-game, the secret tool deck becomes the secret tool zone (秘具領域ゾーン Higu Zōn). Certain effects may add cards to the secret tool zone during games, even if it causes the secret tool zone to exceed 4 cards. The secret tool zone is private information during games. The secret tool zone is not the deck, and thus cannot be searched by effects that search the deck.

To transmute (X), choose a card in your secret tool zone that is level X or less and play its secret tool skill. If an ability has you transmute multiple times, the same card cannot be used for different instances of transmute (but two copies of the same card can). Transmute does not stack, and multiple secret tool skills cannot be activated with a single instance of transmute. As the secret tool zone is a private zone, transmute is optional.

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