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Trance Change (TCトランスチェンジ Toransu Chenji) is a keyword allowing tranceunion members with it to trance.

[Trance Change] - "name" (Can trance with a foreigner once total. Only the specified member can be mobilized)
Trance Change.png-「name」(全体で1回使者と合体可能。指定メンバーしか出撃できない)

Like trance, Trance Change is a special action that can be done once per turn, during your main phase. To Trance Change, choose one of your members with Trance Change and a foreigner, overlap them, and search your hand and deck for a tranceunion card specified by the Trance Change ability and mobilize it. Color and level requirements apply as with regular trance. If the member with Trance Change has cards in its soul, those are added to the mobilized member's soul.

Players are allowed to both trance normally and use Trance Change in the same turn. If a tranceunion with Trance Change is mobilized with trance, it can be used for Trance Change during the same turn.

The tranceunion mobilized with Trance Change can have the same card name as the Trance Change member used to mobilized it, and it can have a lower level.

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