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The stock zone (ストック領域ゾーン Sutokku zōn) is the zone where cards are stored to pay for certain costs. Cards are put into the stock zone face down, and cannot be checked freely.

During the draw phase of each turn, the current player draws two cards, then sends the next top card of the deck to the stock zone. Whenever a member on the field is attacked and loses the battle, it (and all cards in their soul, if any) are sent to the stock zone.

During the main phase, the current player may send three cards from the stock zone to the drop zone to draw a card: this action is known as a Luck Drive, and it can be done as may times as the player wishes as long as they have cards in the stock zone to pay for it. Some members also have an associated cost to mobilize the member; to mobilize the member, send that many cards from the stock zone to the drop zone.

Cards in the stock zone are also used to pay for the costs of certain abilities. Whenever a circled number appears in the cost of an ability, that many cards must be sent from the stock zone to the drop zone to use that ability.

Stock boost[]

Stock boost (ストックブースト Sutokku Būsuto) is an action found on cards from HTD01 Bloom Logic and HTD02 Angel Logic and on. To stock boost X, put the top X cards from your deck into your stock zone. This effect had previously existed, but was not keyworded until the aforementioned sets.

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