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Stock open (ストックオープン Sutokku Ōpun) and stock close (ストッククローズ Sutokku Kurōzu) are keyword actions found on cards associated with Yayoi.

To stock open X, turn the bottom X cards in your stock zone face up.

To stock close X, turn the top X face up cards in your stock zone face down. Stock close is often used as a cost for effects.


  • If an ability tells you to both stock boost and stock open, it resolves in the order in the text.
  • Face-up cards in the stock zone can be used to pay stock costs, the same as regular face-down cards in the stock zone.
  • If a player is told to stock open while they have no cards in their stock zone, nothing happens.
  • If an ability has a regular stock cost and a stock close cost, the cost can be paid in any order. For example, if an ability's cost is [① Stock close ②], it may be paid by moving one card in the stock zone to the drop zone then turning two face-up cards in the stock zone face down, or the other way around.
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