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A Starter Deck (スタートデッキ Sutāto Dekki) is a retailed, pre-constructed deck designed to help new players learn how to play the game. They cost 500 yen, less than the more intermediate Trial Decks. Starter Decks do not exist in English, as both Starter Decks were changed into Trial Decks in the English version of the TCG.

List of Starter Decks[]

Promotional Material[]

Luck & Logic TCG Sets and Decks
Booster Packs BT01 Growth & GenesisBT02 Believe & BetrayBT03 Spirit & SignalBT04 Aid & Arms
SPB01 Trance Re:unionLBT01 We're Luck&Logic Club!HBT01 Change×CollectHBT02 Happy×Heart
SPB02 Trance Re:union 2
Extra Boosters EB01 Tokonatsu LuckHEB01 Shiny Day LiveHEB02 Twinkle Night Live
Starter Decks SD01 Brave LogicSD02 Rinne Logic
Trial Decks TD01 Bullet LogicTD02 Cyber LogicHTD01 Bloom LogicHTD02 Angel Logic
Promotional Promo Cards
Experience Decks PRD01 Brave LogicPRD02 Rinne Logic