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Septpia (セプトピア Seputopia) is one of the worlds in Luck & Logic.


主な支配者は人間。神や悪魔、龍など他の生物は存在しない。異世界からの脅威から街を守るため、異世界対策機関(Another Logic Counter Agency)、通称ALCAアルカが世界各所に存在する。使者フォーリナーはセプトピアに来ると、セプトピアのロジックに準じた姿”適応体”に変化する。

Primarily ruled by humans. Other creatures such as gods, demons, and dragons do not exist. In order to protect cities from the threats from the parallel worlds, the Another Logic Counter Agency, commonly known as ALCA, exists throughout the world. When the Foreigners came to Septpia, they changed their appearance to an "adaptive body" to conform to the logic of Septpia.


Septpia is a largely unchanged version of our real-life Earth. Locations such as Hong Kong and Kyoto are mentioned by name, and supernatural creatures are not native to Septpia. Septpia's "logic" generally only allows humans to exist in Septpia, so whenever a Foreigner enters Septpia, their bodies change to a relatively normal human or animal form, with few to no abnormal physical attributes they may have had in their native world.

Logicalists are humans native to Septpia whose logic is flexible enough to accommodate the logic of Foreigners. Thus, one of the few ways a Foreigner can utilize their powers in Septpia is by sharing their logic with the logic of a Logicalist through Trance. Foreigners can also Trancejack humans, forcibly utilizing their Logic to use their powers in Septpia.


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