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L&L-SPB02 Trance Re:union 2
Trance Reunion 2 Logo.jpg

Japanese Name

トランス リユニオン2


Toransu Riyunion Tsū

Release Date

April 20, 2018

Previous Set

HBT02 Happy×Heart

Trance Re:union 2 is the ninth and last Booster Pack of the Luck & Logic TCG.


Card List[]

Card No. Name Lv Type World Color Rarity
SPB02/001 Amazing Violent Super Fireball, Sena 4 Tranceunion Disfia Yellow TR+∞TR
SPB02/002 Vajra Heavy Palms, Sena 2 Tranceunion Disfia Yellow RR+SR
SPB02/003 Ribbon of Happiness, Tamaki 4 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven Yellow RR+SR
SPB02/004 Glory of Heavenly Sword, Nina 2 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven Yellow RR+SR
SPB02/005 Innocent Horned Spear, Tamaki 3 Tranceunion Monolium Yellow R
SPB02/006 Overtrance of Loyalty, Sena 5 Tranceunion Disfia Yellow R
SPB02/007 Thrice to the Battlefield, Yoshichika 4 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven Yellow R
SPB02/008 Watching over Smiles, Nina 1 Logicalist Tetra-Heaven Yellow R
SPB02/009 Pure Nico 1 Foreigner Monolium Yellow R
SPB02/010 Hidden Power, Linlin 1 Foreigner Disfia Yellow R
SPB02/011 Momentary Attack of Confinement, Tamaki 2 Tranceunion Monolium Yellow U
SPB02/012 Sky-Cutting Boundary, Yoshichika 2 Tranceunion Disfia Yellow U
SPB02/013 Holiday Date, Yoshichika 1 Logicalist Tetra-Heaven Yellow U
SPB02/014 Riding on Pegasus, Michael 1 Foreigner Tetra-Heaven Yellow U
SPB02/015 Goddess' Oath, Athena 1 Foreigner Tetra-Heaven Yellow U
SPB02/016 Banging Palm Heels, Nina 3 Tranceunion Monolium Yellow C
SPB02/017 Undiminished Sword Skills, Yoshichika 3 Tranceunion Disfia Yellow C
SPB02/018 Containing Feelings, Sena 3 Tranceunion Disfia Yellow C
SPB02/019 Proof of Growth, Nina 3 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven Yellow C
SPB02/020 Spring Color Coordination, Tamaki 1 Foreigner Monolium Yellow C
SPB02/021 Walking in the City, Sena 1 Logicalist Disfia Yellow C
SPB02/022 Irreplaceable "Memories" - Tactics Tetra-Heaven Yellow R
SPB02/023 Greatest Sisters - Tactics Disfia Yellow C
SPB02/024 Preserve Promise - Paradox Disfia Yellow R
SPB02/025 Enduring Parthenon - Paradox Tetra-Heaven Yellow C
SPB02/026 Eternally Peaceful Sleep, Mejiko 4 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven Red TR+∞TR
SPB02/027 Steady Advance of Wind and Lightning, Kurara 4 Tranceunion Disfia Red RR+SR
SPB02/028 Absolute Precognition, Yukari 2 Tranceunion Disfia Red RR+SR
SPB02/029 Flash of Brilliance, Lion 4 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven Red RR+SR
SPB02/030 Hurricane and Cyclone, Kurara 3 Tranceunion Disfia Red R
SPB02/031 Gunman of Extreme Winds, Kurara 2 Tranceunion Disfia Red R
SPB02/032 Straight to Hades, Mejiko 2 Tranceunion Disfia Red R
SPB02/033 Extreme Confinement, Veronica 3 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven Red R
SPB02/034 Logicalist in High Spirits, Kurara 1 Logicalist Disfia Red R
SPB02/035 Lots of Fun! Lion 1 Logicalist Tetra-Heaven Red R
SPB02/036 Extreme Wind Attack, Tamakaze 1 Foreigner Disfia Red R
SPB02/037 Chaotic End by Lightning, Kurara 4 Tranceunion Disfia Red U
SPB02/038 Two-Sword Style of Thunder and Lightning, Kurara 2 Tranceunion Disfia Red U
SPB02/039 System Error, Yukari 3 Tranceunion Tritomy Red U
SPB02/040 Five Seconds Before Detonation, Veronica 4 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven Red U
SPB02/041 Hunting Souls, Mejiko 3 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven Red U
SPB02/042 Pitiful Suggestion, Mejiko 1 Logicalist Disfia Red U
SPB02/043 Quick Worker, Yukari 1 Logicalist Disfia Red U
SPB02/044 Fashionably Stylish, Kurara 1 Logicalist Disfia Red U
SPB02/045 Interaction in the Forest, Rosa 1 Foreigner Monolium Red U
SPB02/046 Commanding Thunderclouds, Narukami 1 Foreigner Disfia Red U
SPB02/047 Bombard Mushroom, Yukari 4 Tranceunion Monolium Red C
SPB02/048 In the Middle of Hide-And-Seek, Lion 3 Tranceunion Monolium Red C
SPB02/049 Snow Falling Heavily, Lion 2 Tranceunion Monolium Red C
SPB02/050 Not Doing Her Best, Veronica 2 Tranceunion Monolium Red C
SPB02/051 Shooting out Accurately, Kurara 4 Tranceunion Disfia Red C
SPB02/052 Cumulonimbus Stance, Kurara 3 Tranceunion Disfia Red C
SPB02/053 Cute is Justice, Kurara 1 Logicalist Disfia Red C
SPB02/054 Skilled Adult, Veronica 1 Logicalist Tetra-Heaven Red C
SPB02/055 Mad Roaring Thunder, Narukami 1 Foreigner Disfia Red C
SPB02/056 Blowing Divine Wind, Tamakaze 1 Foreigner Disfia Red C
SPB02/057 Perceiving Good Luck, "Lotus Fragrance" Sennyo 1 Foreigner Disfia Red C
SPB02/058 Reading and Understanding the Apocalypse, Nemesis 1 Foreigner Tetra-Heaven Red C
SPB02/059 Goddess of Slumber, Hypnos 1 Foreigner Tetra-Heaven Red C
SPB02/060 Secret Conversation - Tactics Tetra-Heaven Red C
SPB02/061 Cheerful Makeup - Tactics Disfia Red U
SPB02/062 Lucky Grinning - Paradox Tetra-Heaven Red R
SPB02/063 Crackling Gigastorm - Paradox Disfia Red C
SPB02/064 Creation of Sacred Treasures, Yuko 4 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven Green TR+∞TR
SPB02/065 Girls Be Ambitious, Yayoi 4 Tranceunion Disfia Green RR+SR
SPB02/066 Blond-Haired Misaki, Chloe 3 Tranceunion Disfia Green RR+SR
SPB02/067 Excellent Symphony, Ashley 4 Tranceunion Tritomy Green RR+SR
SPB02/068 Listening Attentively, Chloe 2 Tranceunion Monolium Green R
SPB02/069 For Justice, Olga 4 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven Green R
SPB02/070 Cheerful Water Art, Yuko 2 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven Green R
SPB02/071 Flashing Gleam of Severance, Olga 2 Tranceunion Disfia Green R
SPB02/072 Heading Towards Her Dreams, Yayoi 1 Logicalist Disfia Green R
SPB02/073 Dark Pot Transmutation, Vesta 1 Foreigner Tetra-Heaven Green R
SPB02/074 Astraea of the Star Ocean 1 Foreigner Tetra-Heaven Green R
SPB02/075 Riding the Morning Wind, Yayoi 4 Tranceunion Disfia Green U
SPB02/076 Whirling Conflagration, Chloe 4 Tranceunion Disfia Green U
SPB02/077 Abundant Nurturing, Yuko 3 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven Green U
SPB02/078 Animal Handler for a Day, Ashley 1 Logicalist Monolium Green U
SPB02/079 Doing Her Daily Routine, Chloe 1 Logicalist Disfia Green U
SPB02/080 The Star Performer's Appearance, Olga 1 Logicalist Tetra-Heaven Green U
SPB02/081 Night Flight, Nagi 1 Foreigner Disfia Green U
SPB02/082 Full-Power Discharge, Ashley 3 Tranceunion Monolium Green C
SPB02/083 Raising Morale, Olga 3 Tranceunion Disfia Green C
SPB02/084 Hair's Breadth, Yayoi 2 Tranceunion Disfia Green C
SPB02/085 Steady Support, Ashley 3 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven Green C
SPB02/086 White Breath, Yuko 1 Logicalist Tetra-Heaven Green C
SPB02/087 Mischievous Divine Messenger, Fuko 1 Foreigner Disfia Green C
SPB02/088 Released Fallen Angel, Lucifer 1 Foreigner Tetra-Heaven Green C
SPB02/089 Tachibana Secret Service - Tactics Disfia Green U
SPB02/090 Veteran Fighting Style - Tactics Tetra-Heaven Green C
SPB02/091 Alchemic Pandora - Paradox Tetra-Heaven Green R
SPB02/092 Defiance Blade - Paradox Disfia Green C
SPB02/093 Ragna Smasher, Aoi 4 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven Blue TR+∞TR
SPB02/094 No Signs of Following, Mana 2 Tranceunion Tritomy Blue RR+SR
SPB02/095 Multitude of Colors, Giselle 3 Tranceunion Disfia Blue RR+SR
SPB02/096 Maximum Output, Mahiro 4 Tranceunion Tritomy Blue RR+SR
SPB02/097 Peace in the Skies, Sieghard 4 Tranceunion Monolium Blue R
SPB02/098 Awaiting, Giselle 4 Tranceunion Disfia Blue R
SPB02/099 Cornering Through Cooperation, Aoi 2 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven Blue R
SPB02/100 Experiencing Autumn, Sieghard 1 Logicalist Monolium Blue R
SPB02/101 Mission Confirmed, Mahiro 1 Logicalist Tritomy Blue R
SPB02/102 Rou of the Moonlight 1 Foreigner Monolium Blue R
SPB02/103 Great Hammer of the War God, Thor 1 Foreigner Tetra-Heaven Blue R
SPB02/104 Infighter, Mana 4 Tranceunion Monolium Blue U
SPB02/105 Chasing After, Sieghard 3 Tranceunion Tritomy Blue U
SPB02/106 Aiming Set, Mahiro 2 Tranceunion Tritomy Blue U
SPB02/107 Changing of the Seasons, Aoi 1 Logicalist Monolium Blue U
SPB02/108 Ice Skater, Mana 1 Logicalist Disfia Blue U
SPB02/109 Ruminating, Lucia 1 Foreigner Monolium Blue U
SPB02/110 Prayer Dance, Konohana Sakuya 1 Foreigner Disfia Blue U
SPB02/111 Brave Taking Off, Sieghard 2 Tranceunion Monolium Blue C
SPB02/112 Talisman of Divine Spirits, Giselle 2 Tranceunion Disfia Blue C
SPB02/113 Direct Finish, Mahiro 3 Tranceunion Tritomy Blue C
SPB02/114 Long-Range Scout, Aoi 3 Tranceunion Tritomy Blue C
SPB02/115 Mana of the Battleground 3 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven Blue C
SPB02/116 Burning Mission, Giselle 1 Logicalist Disfia Blue C
SPB02/117 Pushing Forward, Dread 1 Foreigner Tritomy Blue C
SPB02/118 Confident Promise - Paradox Disfia Blue R
SPB02/119 Resounding Laughter - Tactics Tetra-Heaven Blue U
SPB02/120 Omikuji Contest - Tactics Disfia Blue C
SPB02/121 Unlimited Blue - Paradox Monolium Blue C
SPB02/G001 Mejiko Touma - Gate Tetra-Heaven - SCR
SPB02/G002 Aoi Iroha - Gate Tetra-Heaven - SCR
SPB02/S001 Angel's Gospel, Nina 4 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven Yellow SCR
SPB02/S002 Rose of the High Peak, Lion 4 Tranceunion Monolium Red SCR
SPB02/S003 Immortal Tornado Return, Yayoi 4 Tranceunion Disfia Green SCR
SPB02/S004 Opening All Gunports! Mahiro 4 Tranceunion Tritomy Blue SCR
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