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Refresh (リフレッシュ Rifuresshu) is the act of shuffling your drop zone back into the deck. As the penalty of refresh, you then put the top card of your deck into the remove zone face down without looking at it.

Refresh occurs when one of the following happens:

  • When your deck runs out of cards.
  • When you choose to do so while performing Trance.
    • However, you only perform the penalty (putting the top card to your remove zone) after paying the cost for the tranceunion and mobilizing it.

If you refresh twice, and thus accumulate two non-gate cards in the remove zone as the penalty of each refresh, you lose the game.

If a deck runs out of cards while its player is in the middle of processing an effect or action (such as drawing cards), that player immediately refreshes their deck and continues the process after the deck has finished the refresh. The refresh penalty is performed after that process has finished.

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