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In the TCG, the paradox zone (逆理パラドクス領域ゾーン Paradokusu zōn) is the zone where paradoxes are placed after being initially played into the battle zone.

At the end of battle step, if a face-up paradox is in the battle zone, it is sent to the paradox zone, where its effects remain active.

At the end phase of the turn, all cards in the paradox zone are sent to the drop zone.

If a player puts a paradox into the battle zone while there is already a face-up paradox in either player's paradox zone, paradox logic occurs.


In the anime, a paradox zone is an area generated by invading foreigners who have Trancejacked a normal human. Normal people are destroyed if they come into contact with a paradox zone; however, logicalists can survive being in one. A paradox zone initially spreads across the ground, but eventually envelops the sky, creating a sphere-shaped area. The paradox zone disappears once the enemy foreigner defuses with the human it's possessing, either manually or by being defeated in battle.


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