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Paradox (逆理パラドクス Paradokusu) is one of the card types of the Luck & Logic TCG. They are put from your hand into the battle zone during the logic definition step, and are powerful cards that can change the rules of a battle.

When a paradox card is played, any abilities it may have become active, and as long as the paradox is active, the win condition of battle changes: instead of power determining the outcome of the battle, each member's aura determines the outcome instead. If the attacking member's aura is equal to or higher than the defending member's aura, the attacking member wins the battle.

At the end of battle step, face-up paradoxes in the battle zone are not sent to the drop zone like member and tactics cards; instead, they are sent to the paradox zone, where their effects remain active. At the end phase, paradoxes are sent to the drop zone.

Paradox Logic[]

Paradox Logic (逆理パラドクスロジック Paradokusu Rojikku) is the game rule that dictates what happens when a paradox is played while there is already a face-up paradox active.

Two paradoxes cannot be active at once. If both players have a single paradox active, both paradoxes are flipped face down, becoming inactive. If a player has two paradoxes, that player chooses one of their paradoxes and flips it face down, leaving the other face-up. In this way, even if a player plays a paradox to turn the battle into an aura match, the other player may counter it with a paradox of their own so that power remains the deciding factor.

Card Fields[]

Card Name[]

  • Appears in a gray box towards the bottom right of the card.
  • You may only have up to four cards in your main deck with the same card name.

Ability Text[]

  • A large gray box towards the bottom left of the card.
  • Describes the card's abilities.


  • A black box along the top of the card, with the word "PARADOX" inside of it.

Paradox Rule[]

  • A black box above the card's name. Designates that while the paradox is active, battles are determined by aura.

Flavor Text[]

  • A translucent black box appearing towards the bottom of the card's art.
  • Has no impact on gameplay, but gives insight into the game's world.


  • A symbol appearing on the bottom center of the card.
  • The world that the card belongs to.


  • The color of the card's frame.
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