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Olga Breakchild
Olga Breakchild.png
Character Information
Gender Male
Kanji オルガ・ブレイクチャイルド
Romaji Oruga Bureikuchairudo
Age 17
Birthday November 11
Height/Weight 178cm / 66kg
Origin World Septpia
Classification Human, Logicalist
Partner Lucifer (Ep 9-12)
First Anime Appearance Episode 1
Voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Olga Breakchild (オルガ・ブレイクチャイルド Oruga Bureikuchairudo) is a character of the Luck & Logic anime.



A logicalist belonging to ALCA. He was analyzed to have extraordinary potential as a logicalist, however...


Episode 1: Hero or Mob[]

After Yoshichika arrives at ALCA, Olga is seen on a rooftop, in thought. Olga declares that Yoshichika will meet the same fate as he did two years ago.

Episode 9: Enemy or Friend[]

As Lucifer was leaving after the meeting with the director, Olga is feeling frustrate with him-self. Since he is the only logicalist to have no partner. After that he asked all the captured Foreigners to be his partner all but one agrees but to only be his partner if he is set free.

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