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Liones Yelistratova

My Logicalists (マイロジカリスト Mai Rojikarisuto) are cards that can be used for trance like logicalists. They can be used to perform trance without using up logicalist cards from the hand, thus allowing a player to trance more reliably.

Before a game starts, each player sets a My Logicalist card face down on their My Logicalist zone (マイロジカリスト領域ゾーン Mai Rojikarisuto Zōn). It is turned face up as the game begins.

Whenever a player can trance, instead of overlapping a logicalist and foreigner card (or two super logicalist cards), they may instead rest their My Logicalist card in their My Logicalist zone, and mobilize the tranceunion only on top of the selected foreigner card. This is still treated as a trance between the two cards, and covenant abilities apply if the My Logicalist card has the correct name. My Logicalist cards do not stand during the stand phase, and thus can usually only be used once per game.

As the tranceunion card mobilized this way has only one card in their soul (the foreigner card), they only gain +1000 power when they attack rather than the regular +2000. However, they can still use Logic Drive and EX Soul 1 abilities, as those require only one card in the soul.

Depending on the rules of an official event, regular logicalist and super logicalist cards can be used as My Logicalist cards. If so, they lose all text other than their name, and they do not count towards the four-card limit for number of copies of a card in the deck.

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