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Monolium (モノリウム Monoriumu) is one of the worlds in Luck & Logic.

Monolium cards specialize in increasing your members' power and winning battles.



The world of "strength." A supernatural world. Technological civilization is not very developed, and normal beasts and beast people live here. Individual valor is respected, and those who win in competitions and battles take all. The pinnacle of these fighters, are an existence known as the Four Battle Kings.


The world of Monolium is a world of rampant nature where individual strength is valued above all. Beast people challenge each other to fights to gain honor, prestige, and territory. Conflicts in Monolium are always one-on-one duels, and war between organized armies is unheard of. As a result, there is little conflict that can damage nature.[1]

The supreme being of Monolium is a being known as the Beast King Dragon, who created the beast people's world to give rise for a worthy rival for themselves.[2] Second only to the Beast King Dragon are the Four Battle Kings, who rule the north, south, east, and the west.[3] The positions of the Four Battle Kings are held by only the strongest, so prospective challengers train themselves to eventually take on the Battle Kings. In Monolium, there is an annual martial arts tournament called the Power Fest, and whoever wins is given the right to challenge the Beast King Dragon.

However, Monolium is not a world without sentimentality. Love and marriage do exist in Monolium, and it is often expressed, like many things in Monolium, through challenges. Thus, regardless of gender, all denizens of Monolium are encouraged to pursue strength. Monolium also has a sense of tradition as well, as old men often tell embellished accounts of history to children.[4]


In L.C. 917, five years before the events of the anime, the Power Fest of that year was approaching, but there were no suitable opponents for the Four Battle Kings to train against. As a result, one of them decided to invade Septpia to challenge the logicalists there, and the rest of the Battle Kings as well as their armies followed suit. Foreigners friendly with humans, from both Monolium and Disfia, came to Septpia to assist the logicalists against the invading foreigners.

List of Monolium foreigners[]







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