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Make (メーク Mēku) is a keyword ability found on Kurara tranceunion cards.

When the Make ability of a member (A) is played, swap that member with a Kurara tranceunion (B) in your hand. Member A is returned to your hand, and member B is mobilized onto the field, inheriting all of the cards in member A's soul. Member B's level must be equal to or less than the level designated by the Make ability, and it must have a different covenanter than member A.

A player can only play a Make ability once per turn.

Make reminder text[]

[ACT] Make LvX [⓪] (Swap this card with a level X or less "Kurara" in your hand with a different covenanter, transferring this card's soul)
ACT.png メークLvX [⓪] (手札の違う盟約者を持つレベルX以下の「くらら」とソウルを引き継ぎ入れ替える)
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