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Luck & Logic (ラクエンロジック Raku en Rojikku), or Lucklogi (ラクロジ Rakuroji) for short, is a trading card game developed and published by Bushiroad Inc. It was announced in a Niconico livestream on November 16, 2015, along with the related Luck & Logic anime series. The game was launched in Japanese on January 28, 2016 and in English on June 24, 2016, both releases starting with the first two starter decks Brave Logic and Rinne Logic and the first booster pack Growth & Genesis.

Luck & Logic cards are available in preconstructed decks containing 50 cards, booster packs containing 7 cards, and promotions.

-Judge Your Logic-[]


Foreigners, those who came through the gates from another world.
Logicalists, who have the ability to trance with the help of their power.
As the leader of the logicalists you're fighting alongside with,
destroy all of the gates of your opponent who asserts their different logic!


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Gameplay of the Luck & Logic TCG
Colors Yellow.png YellowRed.png RedGreen.png GreenBlue.png BlueColorless
Worlds Monolium.png MonoliumDisfia.png DisfiaTritomy.jpg TritomyTetra-Heaven.png Tetra-HeavenSeptpia.png SeptpiaLuck&Logic Club.png Luck&Logic Club
Card Types Member (LogicalistForeignerTranceunionSuper logicalist)
TacticsGateParadoxMy Logicalist
Phases Stand phaseDraw phaseLevel phaseMain phaseBattle phaseEnd phase
Zones Deck (Deck construction) ● HandField (Circle) ● Level zoneStock zoneBattle zoneIntercept zone
Paradox zoneDrop zoneMy Logicalist zonePurge zoneRemove zoneSecret tool zone
Game Actions AttackCostDestroyDrawDiscardLogicLuck DriveMobilizePurge
SetStand.png Stand / Rest.png RestRefreshStock boostStock open/closeTrance
Terms and Keywords Ability (Logic Drive) ● Blink MoveCovenantExplosionEX SoulMake
Transmute (Secret Tool Skill) ● Trance ChangeT-rankVanguard
Miscellaneous Card Restriction

List of Card Sets[]

Luck & Logic TCG Sets and Decks
Booster Packs BT01 Growth & GenesisBT02 Believe & BetrayBT03 Spirit & SignalBT04 Aid & Arms
SPB01 Trance Re:unionLBT01 We're Luck&Logic Club!HBT01 Change×CollectHBT02 Happy×Heart
SPB02 Trance Re:union 2
Extra Boosters EB01 Tokonatsu LuckHEB01 Shiny Day LiveHEB02 Twinkle Night Live
Starter Decks SD01 Brave LogicSD02 Rinne Logic
Trial Decks TD01 Bullet LogicTD02 Cyber LogicHTD01 Bloom LogicHTD02 Angel Logic
Promotional Promo Cards
Experience Decks PRD01 Brave LogicPRD02 Rinne Logic


Luck & Logic Media
TCG Luck & Logic
Anime Luck & LogicWe're Luck&Logic Club! (short animation) ● Hinalogic ~from Luck & Logic~
Manga Luck & Logic Paradox Twin
Mobile Game TAP! Luck & Logic