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Character Information
Gender Male
Kanji ルシフェル
Romaji Rushiferu
Origin World Tetra-Heaven
Classification Foreigner, Demon god
Partner Olga Breakchild (episodes 912)
First Anime Appearance Episode 3
Voiced by Kousuke Toriumi

Lucifer (ルシフェル Rushiferu) is a character of the Luck & Logic anime, an incredibly powerful and infamous demon god.

Personality and Traits[]

Lucifer is detached and somewhat aloof, but affable in general conversation. He generally shows no ill will, even when talking to his enemies.

Lucifer's true goal is coexistence between humans and gods, a mission he honestly and strongly believes in. He shares this belief with Olga Breakchild, and it is one of the reasons he and Olga were Trance-compatible. Lucifer wishes to change the logic of individual human beings by Trancejacking them, damaging their logic and allowing him to give them new, "better" logic. Even though his plans would bring great destruction to Septpia, Lucifer accumulated many human followers due to his great charisma and his promises of a better world. Ultimately, Lucifer is willing to put his life on the line for his beliefs, as he willingly Overtranced with Olga.


Lucifer is the leader of the demon gods, the faction of evil gods from Tetra-Heaven. He wished to rule Tetra-Heaven, so he instigated a war that would last for a thousand years. This would end in his defeat, and he and his followers were banished to the "Land of Fallen Heaven," where not even Zeus, the top god of Tetra-Heaven, could reach. They languished in there until, by chance, they discovered a gate card, which they used to escape to Septpia.


Episode 3: Dream or Reality[]

After the Logicalists return to the ALCA base after dealing with the Succubus, the ALCA base picks up an incredibly high paradox level of 9.8, much higher than anything they've seen. However, the signal disappears as quickly as it came, much to their confusion. Athena suspects something and leaves the base.

Out on the city streets, Athena confronts Lucifer, who is carrying an exhausted young woman, and Lucifer tells Athena that he wanted to try out Trance for himself. Lucifer further explains that he has no place in Tetra-Heaven anymore, so he moved to Septpia, commenting that he can live quite comfortably here.


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