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Logicalist, Tamaki

Logicalists (定理者ロジカリスト Rojikarisuto) are people who can fuse with foreigners through the process of Trance. They play a prominent role in the Luck & Logic franchise.


In the TCG, logicalists are a type of member, denoted by the black diamond Logicalist.png around their level number.

By performing Trance, logicalists can combine with foreigners to mobilize Tranceunions.


Most logicalists are members of the Another Logic Counter Agency, a Septpia-based organization dedicated to protecting the world from threats from different worlds.

Not everyone can become a logicalist; people are born with or without the gift. A logicalist's abilities lay dormant until, one day, they suddenly appear, for reasons yet to be determined by ALCA. Without exception, a logicalist's powers are awakened during adolescence, and the power gradually fades away during adulthood. Due to their rarity, whenever a logicalist is discovered, they are immediately taken by ALCA and inducted into the organization, regardless of whether that individual consented or not; Giselle Thunders is an example of a logicalist forcibly conscripted into ALCA this way. However, ALCA occasionally misses logicalists while looking for talent, as in the case of Mejiko Touma.

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