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Hero or Mob

Japanese Name

英雄か 群衆か


Eiyū ka Gunshū ka

Airing Date:

January 9, 2016 (JP)

Next Episode:

Genius or Fool

Hero or Mob is the 1st episode of the Luck & Logic anime. The first half of the episode was aired on December 31, 2015 as part of a special program on the TOKYO MX network, and the full version was aired on January 9, 2016.



Yoshichika Tsurugi had lost his logic through a past tragedy, but is spending every day in happiness with his sister Shiori and his father Rentaro. Every day, Foreigners from the parallel world of Tetra-Heaven invade the city. Young Logicalists of the special police force ALCA are deployed in order to intercept these threats. When Yoshichika is caught in an attack by the Foreigner Belial, the goddess of Tetra-Heaven with the logic that Yoshichika had once lost, Athena appears―



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