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L&L-HEB02 Twinkle Night Live

Japanese Name

トゥインクル ナイト ライブ


Tuinkuru Naito Raibu

Release Date

January 26, 2018

Previous Set

HEB01 Shiny Day Live

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Twinkle Night Live is the third Extra Booster of the Luck & Logic TCG.


Set Gallery[]

Card List[]

Card No. Name Lv Type World Color Rarity
HEB02/001 Innocent Cat, Nina 3 Member (Tranceunion) Monolium/Septpia Yellow RR+SR+SP
HEB02/002 Elate Purple, Tamaki 4 Member (Tranceunion) Monolium/Septpia Yellow RR+SR
HEB02/003 Clear Song, Nina 4 Member (Tranceunion) Tritomy/Septpia Yellow R+RP
HEB02/004 Lead Vocal, Tia 1 Member (Foreigner) Monolium/Septpia Yellow R+RP
HEB02/005 Costume Check, Tamaki 2 Member (Tranceunion) Tritomy/Septpia Yellow C+CP
HEB02/006 First-Time Center, Nina 1 Member (Logicalist) Monolium/Septpia Yellow C+CP
HEB02/007 Girly Taste, Tamaki 1 Member (Logicalist) Monolium/Septpia Yellow C+CP
HEB02/008 Kitty Cat Dancer, Aisha 1 Member (Foreigner) Monolium/Septpia Yellow C+CP
HEB02/009 Matching Costumes - Tactics Disfia/Septpia Yellow R+RP
HEB02/010 Sensational Violet - Paradox Monolium/Septpia Yellow C+CP
HEB02/011 Fortune-Telling of Happiness, Yukari 2 Member (Tranceunion) Disfia/Septpia Red RR+SR+SP
HEB02/012 Crescendo Fine, Lion 4 Member (Tranceunion) Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Red RR+SR
HEB02/013 Sadistic Rock, Veronica 2 Member (Tranceunion) Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Red R+RP
HEB02/014 Sweet Phrase, Yukari 1 Member (Logicalist) Disfia/Septpia Red R+RP
HEB02/015 Pastel Princess, Nemesis 1 Member (Foreigner) Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Red R+RP
HEB02/016 Minimum Producer, Belle 1 Member (Foreigner) Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Red R+RP
HEB02/017 Foxy Glamour, Veronica 4 Member (Tranceunion) Monolium/Septpia Red C+CP
HEB02/018 Splendid Peacock, Yukari 3 Member (Tranceunion) Monolium/Septpia Red C+CP
HEB02/019 Crimson Tuning, Lion 2 Member (Tranceunion) Monolium/Septpia Red C+CP
HEB02/020 Youthful Captivation, Veronica 1 Member (Logicalist) Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Red C+CP
HEB02/021 Returning a Smile, Lion 1 Member (Logicalist) Monolium/Septpia Red C+CP
HEB02/022 Silent Beauty, Sandra 1 Member (Foreigner) Monolium/Septpia Red C+CP
HEB02/023 Hitmaker's Opinion - Tactics Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Red C+CP
HEB02/024 Sprinkle Kind - Paradox Monolium/Septpia Red R+RP
HEB02/025 Delivering a Poem to You, Yuko 3 Member (Tranceunion) Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Green RR+SR+SP
HEB02/026 Vivid Groove, Chloe 1 Member (Logicalist) Monolium/Septpia Green RR+SR
HEB02/027 Collective Voices, Chloe 4 Member (Tranceunion) Disfia/Septpia Green R+RP
HEB02/028 Flower of the School, Yuko 4 Member (Tranceunion) Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Green R+RP
HEB02/029 Marvelous Singing and Dancing, Yayoi 2 Member (Tranceunion) Disfia/Septpia Green R+RP
HEB02/030 Flickering Illusion, Nagi 1 Member (Foreigner) Disfia/Septpia Green R+RP
HEB02/031 High Tension, Chloe 3 Member (Tranceunion) Monolium/Septpia Green C+CP
HEB02/032 Bursting New Style, Yayoi 3 Member (Tranceunion) Disfia/Septpia Green C+CP
HEB02/033 Standing Peony, Yuko 1 Member (Logicalist) Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Green C+CP
HEB02/034 Long-Awaited, Yayoi 1 Member (Logicalist) Disfia/Septpia Green C+CP
HEB02/035 Open Participation, Vesta 1 Member (Foreigner) Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Green C+CP
HEB02/036 Embarrassed Stand Mike, Fyrill 1 Member (Foreigner) Monolium/Septpia Green C+CP
HEB02/037 Supporting Yell - Tactics Disfia/Septpia Green R+RP
HEB02/038 Bittersweet Recital - Paradox Disfia/Septpia Green C+CP
HEB02/039 Candy Navigate, Mahiro 4 Member (Tranceunion) Tritomy/Septpia Blue RR+SR+SP
HEB02/040 Studying Music, Mana 1 Member (Logicalist) Monolium/Septpia Blue RR+SR
HEB02/041 Diva Who Stays Silent, Mana 3 Member (Tranceunion) Disfia/Septpia Blue R+RP
HEB02/042 Precise Scale, Selen 1 Member (Foreigner) Tritomy/Septpia Blue R+RP
HEB02/043 Upstream, Mana 4 Member (Tranceunion) Disfia/Septpia Blue C+CP
HEB02/044 Choreographer, Mahiro 2 Member (Tranceunion) Tritomy/Septpia Blue C+CP
HEB02/045 Live Arrange, Mahiro 1 Member (Logicalist) Tritomy/Septpia Blue C+CP
HEB02/046 Guitarist, Wigo 1 Member (Foreigner) Monolium/Septpia Blue C+CP
HEB02/047 Twinkle Unit - Tactics Tritomy/Septpia Blue C+CP
HEB02/048 Love Asterism - Paradox Disfia/Septpia Blue R+RP
HEB02/G001 Yuko Morigaya - Gate Septpia - SCR
HEB02/G002 Mahiro Kyobashi - Gate Septpia - SCR

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