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L&L-HEB01 Shiny Day Live

Japanese Name

シャイニー デイ ライブ


Shainī Dei Raibu

Release Date

November 24, 2017

Previous Set

EB01 Tokonatsu Luck

Next Set

HEB02 Twinkle Night Live

Shiny Day Live is the second Extra Booster of the Luck & Logic TCG.


Set Gallery[]

Card List[]

Card No. Name Lv Type World Color Rarity
HEB01/001 Evangel Call, Nina 4 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Yellow RR+SR
HEB01/002 Pleasantly Embarrassed, Sena 1 Logicalist Monolium/Septpia Yellow RR+SR
HEB01/003 Wild Song, Sena 4 Tranceunion Monolium/Septpia Yellow R+RP
HEB01/004 Sparkling Blue Dragon, Sena 2 Tranceunion Disfia/Septpia Yellow R+RP
HEB01/005 Imminent Cheer, Amor 1 Foreigner Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Yellow R+RP
HEB01/006 Love Everybody, Nina 1 Logicalist Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Yellow R+RP
HEB01/007 In the Limelight, Nina 1 Logicalist Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Yellow C+CP
HEB01/008 Refined Imperial Attire, Linlin 1 Foreigner Disfia/Septpia Yellow C+CP
HEB01/009 A-un Unison - Tactics Disfia/Septpia Yellow C+CP
HEB01/010 Happiness Ending - Paradox Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Yellow R+RP
HEB01/011 Rose-Colored Stage, Lion 3 Tranceunion Disfia/Septpia Red RR+SR+SP
HEB01/012 Dress Up, Mejiko 1 Logicalist Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Red RR+SR
HEB01/013 Timid Appeal, Mejiko 3 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Red R+RP
HEB01/014 Full of Energy, Lion 1 Logicalist Monolium/Septpia Red R+RP
HEB01/015 Wild Action, Lion 4 Logicalist Monolium/Septpia Red C+CP
HEB01/016 Sudden Solo Part, Mejiko 2 Tranceunion Disfia/Septpia Red C+CP
HEB01/017 Fragrant Elegance, Rosa 1 Foreigner Monolium/Septpia Red C+CP
HEB01/018 Singing Shinigami, Thanatos 1 Foreigner Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Red C+CP
HEB01/019 Special Duet - Tactics Monolium/Septpia Red R+RP
HEB01/020 Death Shout Scream - Paradox Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Red C+CP
HEB01/021 The Best Time, Yayoi 4 Tranceunion Disfia/Septpia Green RR+SR+SP
HEB01/022 Memorial Rhapsody, Ashley 3 Tranceunion Tritomy/Septpia Green RR+SR+SP
HEB01/023 Delivering Joy, Yuko 3 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Green R+RP
HEB01/024 Bubbly Idol, Yayoi 1 Logicalist Disfia/Septpia Green R+RP
HEB01/025 Winning over Hearts, Sugar 1 Foreigner Tritomy/Septpia Green R+RP
HEB01/026 Flying to the Audience, Styx 1 Foreigner Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Green R+RP
HEB01/027 Blending into the Darkness, Yayoi 3 Tranceunion Disfia/Septpia Green C+CP
HEB01/028 Overflowing Smile, Ashley 4 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Green C+CP
HEB01/029 Delight Shower, Yuko 2 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Green C+CP
HEB01/030 Unfamiliar Stage, Yuko 1 Logicalist Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Green C+CP
HEB01/031 Hard Work, Ashley 1 Logicalist Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Green C+CP
HEB01/032 Languid Sexy, Qipao 1 Foreigner Disfia/Septpia Green C+CP
HEB01/033 Enthusiastic Intermission - Tactics Disfia/Septpia Green R+RP
HEB01/034 Instant Big Dome - Paradox Tritomy/Septpia Green R+RP
HEB01/035 Pink Sensation, Giselle 4 Tranceunion Disfia/Septpia Blue RR+SR+SP
HEB01/036 Extremely Flashy Production, Mahiro 3 Tranceunion Tritomy/Septpia Blue RR+SR
HEB01/037 Virtual Effect, Aoi 3 Tranceunion Tritomy/Septpia Blue R+RP
HEB01/038 Professional Stubbornness, Giselle 1 Logicalist Disfia/Septpia Blue R+RP
HEB01/039 Nonstop, Mahiro 1 Logicalist Tritomy/Septpia Blue R+RP
HEB01/040 Beating Moon, Aoi 2 Tranceunion Monolium/Septpia Blue C+CP
HEB01/041 Roaring Singing Voice, Giselle 3 Tranceunion Disfia/Septpia Blue C+CP
HEB01/042 Emotion Explosion, Mahiro 2 Tranceunion Tritomy/Septpia Blue C+CP
HEB01/043 Unconcealed Shaking, Aoi 1 Logicalist Tritomy/Septpia Blue C+CP
HEB01/044 Hopping Rabbit, Lotta 1 Foreigner Monolium/Septpia Blue C+CP
HEB01/045 Cherry Blossom Melody, Konohana Sakuya 1 Foreigner Disfia/Septpia Blue C+CP
HEB01/046 Black Charm, Selen 1 Foreigner Tritomy/Septpia Blue C+CP
HEB01/047 Nature Performer - Tactics Monolium/Septpia Blue C+CP
HEB01/048 Germinate Buds - Paradox Disfia/Septpia Blue C+CP
HEB01/G001 Lion & Nina - Gate Septpia - SCR
HEB01/G002 Yayoi Tachibana - Gate Septpia - SCR

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