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Gates (ゲート Gēto) are cards that represent portals to parallel worlds. Destroying your opponent's gates is the main objective of Luck & Logic, and as such gameplay revolves around destroying and defending gates.

At the beginning of the game, each player shuffles their gate deck, places six gate cards from it onto the field, one on each of their circles, and puts the other four into the remove zone.

While all types of cards have an associated world, gate cards do not have an associated color, unlike member, tactics, and paradox cards.

During gameplay, members are placed on top of gates to defend them, as without a member, the gate is free to be destroyed. Members can also designate circles to attack, destroying the gate on the circle if there is no defending member. Members cannot attack back-row circles if the gate in the front-row circle in the same column has not yet been destroyed.


To destroy (破壊 hakai) a face-down gate is to attack a circle with that gate while there is no member occupying the circle the gate is on.

When a gate is destroyed, it is turned face up, and any abilities it may have become active. When all six of a player's gates are destroyed, that player loses the game.

Whenever a player's sixth gate card is destroyed, its effects cannot be activated, since that player has already lost the game.

Card Fields[]

Card Name[]

  • Appears in a gray box towards the top center of the card.

Gate Number[]

  • A large number appearing to the top right of the card.
  • You may only have up to two cards in your gate deck with the same Gate number.

Ability Text[]

  • A large gray box.
  • Describes the card's abilities.

Flavor Text[]

  • A translucent black box appearing towards the bottom of the card's art.
  • Has no impact on gameplay, but gives insight into the game's world.


  • A symbol appearing on the bottom center of the card.
  • The world that the card belongs to.


Gates are portals that foreigners take to enter Septpia, the world of humans. logicalists belonging to the Another Logic Counter Agency have the ability to close these gates. When an invading foreigner breaches Septpia, one of the logicalists' jobs is to close the gate it came through.

To close a gate, the foreigner's Gate Card must be recovered. The Gate Card is then sent through ALCA headquarters, then used to close the gate. Once the Gate Card is taken, the Foreigner can no longer pass through Gates at will, trapping them in Septpia.

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