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Fyrill of the Flow, an example of a foreigner.

Foreigners (使者フォーリナー Fōrinā) are beings from parallel worlds who have crossed over to the human world of Septpia. Their interactions with humans, especially through combining with them through Trance, form much of the basis of the setting of Luck & Logic.



In the TCG, foreigners are a type of member, denoted by the white circle around their level number.

By performing Trance, foreigners can combine with Logicalists to mobilize tranceunions.


Foreigners are travelers who originate from different worlds and crossed over through gates to Septpia, closing the gates in the process. Whenever a Foreigner arrives into Septpia, they need to "adapt" their body to conform to Septpia's logic. Since Septpia's logic dictates that supernatural beings and humanoid animals do not exist, Foreigners that enter Septpia lose much of their power, often losing attributes that differentiate them from life on Septpia. The only way a foreigner can access their powers in Septpia is through Trancing with a human, whether it is consensual or forced.

Foreigners have a history of invading Septpia, Trancejacking (forcing a Trance with) normal humans. This has happened at least twice: five years before the events of the anime, when Foreigners from Monolium invaded to test their strength against the logicalists, and during the events of the anime, when the demon gods of Tetra-Heaven invaded after losing a war. To protect against foreigner invasions and other otherworldly threats, the Another Logic Counter Agency was founded to train young logicalists to fight against enemy foreigners, usually through Trancing with friendly foreigners.

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