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The field (フィールド fīrudo) is the gameplay zone where the majority of gameplay is focused around. Members and gates are placed on the field.

Each player's field is composed of six circles (サークル sākuru), two rows and three columns, areas that are occupied by members and gates. At the beginning of the game, each player shuffles their gate deck and puts six gates from it onto the field, one on each of their circles. As the game progresses, each player may mobilize members from their hand (or the deck, in case of trance) onto the field. Each member occupies a number of circles equal to their territory. During the main phase, members can be moved between circles and switch places with other members at will.

During the battle phase, members can only attack a circle in the back row if the gate in the circle in front of it has already been destroyed.

When a member is attacked and loses a battle during the battle phase, they leave the field and are sent to the stock zone (along with any cards in their soul, if any). If an attacking member loses a battle, they remain on the field.

When a face-down gate is destroyed, on the other hand, it does not leave the field. Rather, it is flipped face up and its abilities become active.

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