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Explosion (誘爆 Yūbaku) is a keyword found on cards associated with Mahiro. Certain cards set cards on your gates face down and give them the Explosion ability. When a gate with an Explosion card is attacked, all of the Explosion cards on it are turned face up and put into the drop zone. Certain cards have abilities labeled Explosion Skill (誘爆スキル Yūbaku sukiru), which trigger when they are turned face up with Explosion.


  • Triggering Explosion is mandatory.
  • More than one Explosion card can be set on a single gate.
  • Explosion cards can be set on gates that are already destroyed.
  • You may look at your Explosion cards, but your opponent cannot.

Explosion reminder text[]

[AUTO] Explosion. (When this is attacked, turn this card face up and put it into your drop zone.)
AUTO.png 誘爆。(攻撃された時に表にしドロップ)

Explosion Skill reminder text[]

[AUTO] Explosion Skill (Active when turned face up while set)
AUTO.png 誘爆スキル(設置状態で表になった時に有効)
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