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L&L-EB01 Tokonatsu Luck
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Japanese Name



Tokonatsu Rakku

Release Date

August 12, 2016

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Tokonatsu Luck is the first Extra Booster of the Luck & Logic TCG.


  • Includes 48 cards (24 C, 16 R, 8 RR) + 52 parallel cards (24 CP, 16 RP, 8 SR, 4 SP)
  • Includes swimsuit-themed cards.
  • Includes cards for the logicalists Tamaki, Yoshichika, Nina, Veronica, Chloe, Yukari, Mejiko, Ashley, Olga, Mana, Aoi, and Sieghard. This is all the logicalists that have appeared in the TCG up to this point, with the exception of the Paradox Twin characters Sena and Giselle.
  • Each pack contains 6 cards, 4 normal and 2 holographic parallel.
  • New attribute: Tokonatsu.
  • Each card released will have 2 worlds: Septpia and their original world.

Set Gallery[]

Preview Art[]

Card List[]

Card No. Name Lv Type World Color Rarity
EB01/001 Comforting Waves Edge, Tamaki 2 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Yellow RR+SR+SP
EB01/002 Under the Blue Sky, Tamaki 1 Logicalist Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Yellow RR+SR
EB01/003 Isolated Island Angel, Nina 3 Tranceunion Tritomy/Septpia Yellow R+RP
EB01/004 Sweet Teaser, Venus 1 Foreigner Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Yellow R+RP
EB01/005 Sunny Paradise, Athena 1 Foreigner Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Yellow R+RP
EB01/006 Shipwreck Rescue, Tamaki 4 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Yellow C+CP
EB01/007 Shield Under the Blazing Sun, Yoshichika 2 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Yellow C+CP
EB01/008 Rhythm of the South Winds, Emerada 1 Foreigner Tritomy/Septpia Yellow C+CP
EB01/009 The Real Pleasures of Summer, Yoshichika 1 Logicalist Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Yellow C+CP
EB01/010 First Swim in the Sea, Nina 1 Logicalist Tritomy/Septpia Yellow C+CP
EB01/011 Time to Unwind - Tactics Disfia/Septpia Yellow C+CP
EB01/012 Beautiful Utopia Paradox Disfia/Septpia Yellow R+RP
EB01/013 Tropical Flower, Yukari 4 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Red RR+SR+SP
EB01/014 Floating Between the Waves, Yukari 1 Logicalist Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Red RR+SR
EB01/015 Russian Bomb, Veronica 3 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Red R+RP
EB01/016 Drifting in the Tide, Mejiko 3 Tranceunion Disfia/Septpia Red R+RP
EB01/017 Confined in the Shade, Mejiko 1 Logicalist Disfia/Septpia Red R+RP
EB01/018 Playful Water Drops, Nemesis 1 Logicalist Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Red R+RP
EB01/019 Sailing Flap, Yukari 2 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Red C+CP
EB01/020 Bewitching Body, Veronica 1 Logicalist Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Red C+CP
EB01/021 Rollicking, Huang-Huang 1 Foreigner Disfia/Septpia Red C+CP
EB01/022 Tropical Snake, Quetzie 1 Foreigner Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Red C+CP
EB01/023 M-Type Battle Equipment - Tactics Tritomy/Septpia Red C+CP
EB01/024 Sweetful Nectar - Paradox Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Red C+CP
EB01/025 Summer Adventure, Chloe 4 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Green RR+SR+SP
EB01/026 Rising Expectations, Ashley 1 Logicalist Disfia/Septpia Green RR+SR
EB01/027 Midsummer Dream, Ashley 2 Tranceunion Disfia/Septpia Green R+RP
EB01/028 Cutting Through the Ocean Wind, Chloe 1 Logicalist Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Green R+RP
EB01/029 Watermelon-Splitting Demon Spear, Olga 4 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Green C+CP
EB01/030 Submarine Bomber, Chloe 3 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Green C+CP
EB01/031 Perfect Body, Olga 1 Logicalist Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Green C+CP
EB01/032 Vacationing Together, Lucifer 1 Foreigner Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Green C+CP
EB01/033 Battle Princess of the Seas, Valkyrie 1 Foreigner Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Green C+CP
EB01/034 Two Pillows, Enki 1 Foreigner Disfia/Septpia Green C+CP
EB01/035 Ripples of Nostalgia - Tactics Monolium/Septpia Green R+RP
EB01/036 Egil's Valhöll - Paradox Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Green R+RP
EB01/037 Sky and Sea, Mana 3 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Blue RR+SR+SP
EB01/038 Dolphin Friend, Aoi 1 Logicalist Monolium/Septpia Blue RR+SR
EB01/039 Fluffy Summer, Aoi 4 Tranceunion Monolium/Septpia Blue R+RP
EB01/040 Carelessly Hit, Mana 1 Logicalist Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Blue R+RP
EB01/041 Land on the Water Carefully! Lucia 1 Foreigner Monolium/Septpia Blue R+RP
EB01/042 Full Effort Crawl, Sieghard 2 Tranceunion Monolium/Septpia Blue C+CP
EB01/043 Splash Sniping, Mana 2 Tranceunion Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Blue C+CP
EB01/044 Castle Designer, Sieghard 1 Logicalist Monolium/Septpia Blue C+CP
EB01/045 Tag at the Beach, Lotta 1 Foreigner Monolium/Septpia Blue C+CP
EB01/046 Midday Rest, Artemis 1 Foreigner Tetra-Heaven/Septpia Blue C+CP
EB01/047 Promised Rendezvous - Tactics Disfia/Septpia Blue R+RP
EB01/048 Brightest Azure - Paradox Disfia/Septpia Blue C+CP
EB01/G001 Athena - Gate Septpia - SCR
EB01/G002 Nemesis - Gate Septpia - SCR

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