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Disfia (ジスフィア Jisufia) is one of the worlds in Luck & Logic.

Disfia cards specialize in making use of cards in the drop zone, including retrieving cards from it, putting cards into it, and benefiting from increasing the number of cards in it.



The world of "souls." An oriental-style world. Balance is kept between heaven, earth, and the underworld, and souls transmigrate between those three realms. In order to repel the threat of the evil spirits called “Sawarigami” that appear from the underworld along with miasma, the capital of Shinkyo is covered by a massive barrier and they have trained in the art of exorcism.

Disfia is a parallel world that has been known to the humans of Septpia since ancient times. Beings from Disfia have inspired many religions on Septpia, such as Buddhism and Shinto, and many have been worshipped in shrines and temples. During the Monolium invasion of Septpia, many individuals from Disfia volunteered to assist the Logicalists and came to Septpia.

List of Disfia foreigners[]






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