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Outside of the game, the player's deck is composed of two distinct parts: The main deck (メインデッキ Meindekki) and the gate deck (ゲートデッキ Gētodekki).

  • Your main deck:
    • Must contain exactly 50 cards, and only cards with white backs; that is, member, tactics, and paradox cards.
    • May only have up to 4 cards with the same card name.
    • Must have exactly 8 paradox cards.
  • Your gate deck:
    • Must have exactly 10 gate cards, which have a black backing.
    • May only have up to 2 gate cards with the same gate number.

At the beginning of the game, each player puts his/her main deck into the deck zone after shuffling, and the top five cards from it are drawn to become his/her starting hand. The gate deck has no corresponding zone in gameplay, but the top six cards from it are set face-down in each of your circles after shuffling, while the other four are put into the remove zone.


There are two deck construction rulesets: recommended rules (推奨ルール Suishō Rūru) and extended rules (拡張ルール Kakuchō Rūru). Both were introduced after tournament support for Luck & Logic had ended, and thus are merely recommendations for casual games.

In recommended rules, players choose one My Logicalist card, and they can only have logicalists and tranceunions in their deck with the same name as the chosen My Logicalist card, as well as foreigner cards with that logicalist as their covenanter. If We're Luck&Logic Club! is the chosen My Logicalist, the player can add cards associated with any of the five We're Luck&Logic Club! logicalists to their deck.

In extended rules, there are no such restrictions, only the ones in the regular deck-building rules. This is the ruleset that was used for Luck & Logic's lifespan.

These formats are relevant to the restriction of Dream-Fulfilling Baby Bird, Nina, which is banned in the recommended rules but not the extended rules.

Gameplay of the Luck & Logic TCG
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