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Colorless is a state where a card has no color. Gates and My Logicalist cards have no color. There are only two cards that are colorless that are neither of those, the promotional cards Luck & Logic and Words of Gratitude, although the latter has an ability that treats the card has being every color.

In the official site's databases, the SP version of Luck & Logic is specified to be white (白 shiro), the regular version, Words of Gratitude, gate cards, and My Logicalist cards have hyphens (-), and My Logicalist cards in HBT02 Happy×Heart are said to have no color (無 mu).

Gameplay of the Luck & Logic TCG
Colors Yellow.png YellowRed.png RedGreen.png GreenBlue.png BlueColorless
Worlds Monolium.png MonoliumDisfia.png DisfiaTritomy.jpg TritomyTetra-Heaven.png Tetra-HeavenSeptpia.png SeptpiaLuck&Logic Club.png Luck&Logic Club
Card Types Member (LogicalistForeignerTranceunionSuper logicalist)
TacticsGateParadoxMy Logicalist
Phases Stand phaseDraw phaseLevel phaseMain phaseBattle phaseEnd phase
Zones Deck (Deck construction) ● HandField (Circle) ● Level zoneStock zoneBattle zoneIntercept zone
Paradox zoneDrop zoneMy Logicalist zonePurge zoneRemove zoneSecret tool zone
Game Actions AttackCostDestroyDrawDiscardLogicLuck DriveMobilizePurge
SetStand.png Stand / Rest.png RestRefreshStock boostStock open/closeTrance
Terms and Keywords Ability (Logic Drive) ● Blink MoveCovenantExplosionEX SoulMake
Transmute (Secret Tool Skill) ● Trance ChangeT-rankVanguard
Miscellaneous Card Restriction