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Color (色 iro) is a fundamental card characteristic. Member, tactics, and paradox cards usually have an associated color, while all gate and My Logicalist cards have no color.

Cards of a certain color have a certain playstyle, which serves to differentiate them from cards of different colors. Since cards are also divided by world, each card's specific combination of color and world serves to further distinguish them from cards with different combinations. Certain worlds may contain more cards of certain colors than other worlds.

When mobilizing a tranceunion member from the hand without using Trance, there must be a card of the same color or world as the member to be mobilized. Otherwise, color has no other specific impact on gameplay, although cards can specify certain colors for abilities.

During deck construction, there is no restriction on the colors of the cards in your deck. You may run a deck that consists of cards entirely of one color for increased synergy, or you can mix cards of different colors for increased versatility.

There are four colors:

Cards can also lack color: this state is known as colorless.

Gameplay of the Luck & Logic TCG
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