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Daburu Daburu 12 December 2018

SPB02 Story

Summaries are exhausting, but line by line is even more so.

  • 1 Yoshichika & Athena
  • 2 Olga & Lucifer
  • 3 Giselle & Sakuya
  • 4 Yuuko & Vesta
  • 5 Mahiro & Dread
  • 6 Aoi & Thor

The section begins with bridge crew talking about how Yoshichika was such a great guy, a hit with the ladies, heard he had a six-pack and was shredded, yadda yadda. Hibana and Rasetsu flashback about their time with him. This takes about half the section.

It's finally revealed that they're talking to Athena and a still-amnesiac Yoshichika. The pair have been on a long, slow tour of places that should be in his memory: his birthplace, where he grew up, etc. To Yoshichika, it's like learning someone else's life story.

His family's taking his memory loss rather well.

Yoshichika and Athena visit Yu…

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Robby Dream Robby Dream 7 July 2018


Welcome to the Luck & Logic Wiki!

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EiPe1998 EiPe1998 10 February 2018

Tap Hina Logic

So, Bushi has released a game for mobile (Tap Hina Logic). If there's one problem I have with it, it's that the names for some of the foreigners are not the ones here this wikia. Sure, those foreigners have only released in the Japanese edition of the TCG, and one have made an appearance in the Hina Logi anime. Below are the foreigners in question. 

Qipao / Qi-Bao

Nata Taishi / Prince Ne-Zha

"Lotus Fragrance" Sennyo / Fairy Girl Lian-Xiang


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Crystalszero Crystalszero 16 November 2017

L&L meta history since the very beginning

So I just don't want to finish my code and report at work here comes this article.

I bought the 1st 2 SD of the game at the very beginning but didn't learn the rules of the game until I bought a box of BT02 with the prize money of a Vanguard tournament (and pulled an Athena SP). I played every format since then.

I will organize the article with the following format:



Top tier deck, key cards and popular build and why they were strong.



SD01/02, BT01



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Crystalszero Crystalszero 23 October 2017

Competitive Nina deck list under H-BT02

I won my regional in China last weekend with the following Nina dk (H-BT02). I may get to play another one early Dec in Hong Kong (H-EB01 Meta) in that case I will update this list again.

ML: Nina


Transfer_Student,_Nina x 3: very good Tec card which get you back any cards from your drop zone to Lv zone, then you can use other cards to get that one to your hand or make switch play. Or just stand your Lv cards for extra Lv boost. Works very well with Gate 5 too.

Winter_Visit,_Nina x 2: for the gate change defense play, gain your extra turn. I will explain the combo in later secction.


I'll Shoot! Amor x 4: this is quite standard build in any decks now, the 1 stock draw on trance provide great consistancy which any decks need.…

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Crystalszero Crystalszero 9 October 2017

Thoughts on the new cards and decks of H-BT02

As the previous blog already became too long, I would like to put my thoughts on the decks after H-BT02 here. I only get the chance to put my hands on the new cards yesterday and played 5 games only. So the following initial thoughts could be very wrong (I will update after more deck building and testing this week or maybe after my regional):

1. Nina: without time limit the deck is broken, it almost always end with 8 cards in hand, 4 level boost and some paradox in your level or drop zone at their end phase which means decks without a early game may not be able to get their gate destroyed during T2/T3 which ruin their moment. (you should know at a competitive level of this game, advance your game stage and successfully execute your game pla…

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Crystalszero Crystalszero 25 September 2017

Thoughts on the new meta, cards effects and random stuff on the development direction on this game.

I hadn't played the game for almost three months before the new set (H-BT01) came out and I played and test some new decks for 20hours during the past 2 weeks. I have built and test Aoi, Mahiro, Lion, Nina; I have built and watched others played Ashery, Tamaki, Yayoi and Yukari.

Since it's confirmed that we are not going get a WGP of this game out of Japan (and even I am willing to travel I still can't played the JP WGP because I need a stable JP address for registing), there is no reason for me hiding my thoughts and strategy now (damn bushi now I get to player trigger fighters for the sick of playing a big tournamont).

I would still be too lazy to type all those random stuff out until I see the comments of this card "Alighting Heaven's Ble…

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Daburu Daburu 20 September 2017

Status report

Right, it's been a while.

I'm officially abandoning further work on the BT stories. They take longer to do than they're worth, they're getting increasingly perverted, and Hinalogi killed any vague interest I might have had left with a single episode. Most of all, I just have a lot of other cooler projects I want to work on, so I've gotta choose my battles.

I may or may not do select stories in the future depending on if they're standalone and whether I have any interest (so like, Mejiko and Sieg).

Trying to more or less clear out the "needs tl" category for the moment. Individual flavor is a lot more therapeutic, plus L&L flavor rarely has important details. If you're actually bothering with Hinaloji, feel free to change for consistency with …

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EiPe1998 EiPe1998 6 September 2017

Song from Monolium

Those of you watching Hina Logi, as you might know, in episodes 6, 9 and 10, a certain song is sung. This song is also the ending in episode 10. I have carefully listened to it and I have managed to write down the lyrics to it. I'm going to say sorry in advance if there are any mistakes, since this was done by ear after all. But by all means, if you find any mistakes, don't hesitate to point them out and I'll correct them. I do think I managed to quite a good job, I must say, because when I played the ending of episode 10 with the lyrics open in the document I wrote them in, I managed to "sing" along without any problems. Take a listen to the song with these lyrics onscreen and see for yourselves, and I would deeply appreciate it if you wo…

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MarxMayhem MarxMayhem 29 July 2017

About the Worlds of Luck&Logic

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 The Known Worlds of Luck&Logic
    • 2.1 01: Monolium
    • 2.2 02: Disfia
    • 2.3 03: Tritomy
    • 2.4 04: Tetra-Heaven
    • 2.5 07: Septpia
  • 3 Afterthoughts

As I've mentioned before, I wanted to do a theory on Luck&Logic. But before that, I feel that I must gather some information and place it somewhere. So, I may as well place them here and have you look at it, just in case I missed something or got something wrong.

Here are the existing worlds, as we know them right now. Note that each of the worlds we know so far are named after numbers.

A world of "power" and inhabited by beast-folk. Battle is one of the key characteristics of this world, and most of its inhabitants are fighters or otherwise invaluable members in a fighting unit (such as Liliana). Initially, th…

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