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An attack (攻撃 kōgeki) is an offensive action taken by members against the opponent's members and gates. Attacking is the primary focus of the battle phase of the turn. Destroying the opponent's gates with attacks is the primary way of winning the game.

A player can declare a number of attacks in the turn equal to the number of face-up cards in their level zone. The player going first must put a card into the level zone face down during their first turn, and thus is not able to declare an attack that turn.

To declare an attack, choose a standing member that you want to attack with and rest it. Then, choose one of your opponent's circles. A circle in the back row can only be chosen if the gate in the circle in front of it was destroyed.

If the attacked circle has a face-down gate and no members on it, the gate is destroyed. If it is the player's sixth gate to be destroyed, that player loses the game. Otherwise, the gate is turned face up and its effects become active. If the gate on the attacked circle is face-up (i.e. already destroyed), then nothing happens.

If the attacked circle has a member on it, the attacking member and the attacked member battle. An attacked member is said to be defending (防御 bōgyo). The game proceeds to the intercept step and then the logic definition step, where logic effects may change the outcome of the battle.

At the battle outcome determination step, if the attacking member has power equal to or higher than the defending member, or if the attacking member has aura equal to or higher than the defending member's aura while there is a paradox active, the defending member (and all cards in its soul, if any) leaves the field and is sent to the stock zone. If the defending member wins the battle, nothing happens to either of the battling members, and the attack merely fails.

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