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An ALCA tower.

The Another Logic Counter Agency (異世界対策機関 Isekai Taisaku Kikan, lit. Parallel World Countermeasure Agency) or ALCA (アルカ Aruka) is a Septpia special police agency dedicated to protecting the world from dangerous foreigners, travelers from different worlds who come to Septpia. To do so, they train young logicalists and partner them with allied Foreigners, whom which they can combine with using the Trance ability to give them the power to fight. There are five ALCA branches throughout the nation that the anime takes place in, as well as a branch in Hong Kong.

The main characters of the Luck & Logic anime all belong to ALCA. The agency is led by Utsutsuno Jarno, with Veronica Ananko holding a high rank in the agency.


The logicalist uniform consists of a light grey bodysuit within a grey shirt with a black collar and black-cuffed sleeves, a black necktie with a black star-shaped brooch, and black boots, all with green lining. The male version covers both legs, while the female version ends at the thigh and includes a pair of black stockings with ring garters.

The foreigner version of the male uniform includes a white cravat, white gloves, and white boots with green lining. The foreigner version of the female uniform includes a long skirt, a white ribbon, white gloves, and white boots with green lining.

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