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An ability (能力 Nōryoku) is an action or quality that cards may have, which affects the game in different forms. For a list of specific abilities, see here.

Abilities are categorized into four types, depending on when they are active:

  • ACT.png [ACT] abilities can be activated during the main phase of your turn. All ACT abilities have an associated cost, which is some action needed to be taken before the ability can be used. A particular ACT ability can be used any number of times as long as the cost can be paid.
  • AUTO.png [AUTO] abilities activate when a certain event occurs in the game. This can range from the card being played to a gate being destroyed. When the event occurs, the AUTO ability triggers. AUTO abilities are mandatory to activate when the event occurs, unless the ability itself says that you may activate the ability.
  • CONT.png [CONT] abilities are always active, requiring no activation or trigger. Some CONT abilities are conditional, requiring a certain thing to be true for the CONT ability's effects to occur.
  • Logic Drive.png [Logic Drive] abilities can be used during the main phase like ACT abilities, but have several special characteristics. See the Logic Drive page for information.

In addition to these icons, some abilities have the Once.png [1/Turn] icon, meaning that they can only be used once per turn. Certain [AUTO] abilities on gates have the Gate Destruction.png [Gate Destruction] icon, which trigger when the gate is destroyed.

Unless specified otherwise, abilities are only active on members and gates on the field, or tactics and paradoxes in the battle zone or paradox zone. However, if a card's ability triggers when it is removed from these zones, its effect will still occur.

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