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• 7/7/2018

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• 7/1/2017

Does the Main character have a love interest in this story?

I want to know if it is Athena because this is my first time I will try to watch this series because if it is Athena then it is a very respectable Goddess that he is associating with since she is the Goddess of Wisdom and Battle.
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• 6/11/2017

Can someone help me?

Is their anything good with going first in the game?
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• 3/31/2017

Need answar ASAP!

Question if i trance for exampel Review and Prepare, Yukari (Molenium) and i trance it with Overconsuming Quetzie (tetra heaven)
1 an i trance them even if they are not from the same world?
2 can i trance them and get Pretty Raptor, Yukari that is a Tritomy ?
3 to trance 2 cards with difrent world do i need both those world in my lvl zone?
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• 9/3/2016

Yoshichika Deck Help

So I'm looking to build a yellow and red Yoshichika deck, this is what I have in mind, so far, I've got no real experience with this TCG, so I just threw the deck together, looking over the cards. Thanks in advance.
Level 1 18
Logicalist 10 Errands in the Early Afternoon, Yoshichika x4Skilled Writing, Tamaki x3Belief in the Occult, Mejiko x3
Foreigner 8Fondly Remembering, Rasetsu x4Musical Performer, “Divine Music” Otohime x4
Level 2 8Awakened Power, Tamaki x3 Rosary of Sorrow, Mejiko x3 2Permeating Willpower, Sena x2
Level 3 6Carnage Leg, Sena x3Leaving Behind Her Grudge, Mejiko x3
Level 4 6Repelling Dragon Scale, Tamaki x2Full of Conviction, Yoshichika x2Going to Hades, Mejiko x2
Tactics 4Unforseen Summoning x4
Paradox 8Arc Bolt on Stage x4Age of Civil Wars x4
Gates 10Basic Gate (1) x2Basic Gate (2) x2Basic Gate (3) x2Basic Gate (4) x2Gate of Samsara (6) x2
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• 8/27/2016

what to buy?

Hi i want to build a deck around manna and i'm confused with how the game works in the way of deck building like idk what to buy with the sets like should i buy the second box set or wait till 3? and like what do i do with my first set cards?
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• 6/27/2016

Something about the rules..

silly question, but had to be sure...
if there's a member with [cont] skill, and it's in the soul, does it still get the skill??
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• 6/23/2016

Picture of the playmat needed

Does any one have a pic of the plyamat for the game? trying to create a template for my own playmat and need the main one if possible please.
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• 2/27/2016

monolium members use disfia gate. is it ok ??

monolium member use disfia gate. is it ok ??

because i see deck recipe with disfia members but play with monolium gates.. deck recipe with monolium gates but the members are disfia
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• 2/21/2016

Limit on tactics

A tactic cards that giving additional limit and putting top of deck to battle zone does this considered limit consumption ?
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• 12/8/2015

PR Cards

I noticed there's no particular page for PR cards yet?

Here's a pair I got from this month's Gekkan Bushiroad
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• 11/23/2015

Luck & Logic subreddit in progress

Just thought I'd drop by to notify you of the subreddit I've been working on for the past week, hoping that you come by and see for yourself (and maybe help me a little? I dunno, coding is hard when you don't know the language).
Here's the link to the subreddit for you:
Luck & Logic Subreddit
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• 11/22/2015

Anyone here ever played other Bushi TCG?

I play Buddyfight, Vanguard, Weiss and YGO (I know it's not Bushi). What's your reason to play L&L?
Making threads to start the community!
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